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  • Those Who Disappeared
  • Kevin Wignall
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  • 03 August 2018
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Those Who Disappeared Free download à 109 Ggle and what was assumed to be a tragic accident suddenly looks sinisterFoster tracks down his father’s old friends but when he starts to ask uestions it becomes clear that there’s something they don’t want to tell him While some are evasive others seem to wish the body had never been found What exactly is their connection to eac. This is a nice mystery Foster a famous artist finds out that the body of his father was discovered after 30 years in Switzerland He was expecting that his body will surface one day but he understands it was not an accident Foster will not stop until he is finding out who did it It was an easy readThank you Netgalley for this nice book

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Those Who Disappeared Free download à 109 It’s been thirty years since his father went missing Now there’s a body can he finally find out whyWhen a man’s body is discovered in a Swiss glacier thirty years after he went missing his son Foster Treherne hopes he’ll finally have closure on what happened to the father he never met But then the autopsy reveals signs of a stru. Those Who Disappeared by Kevin Wignall This was an excellent read for me as have been all of the books that I have read by the authorI read this within a day and once I started it I just could not wait to continue and see where the storyline was headedThe main character Foster Treherne is a successful and wealthy artist who finds out at the beginning of the book that the body of the father who he never knew was just foundHe has had a great deal of success in his life however is also uite alone This finding opens up a search into the life and circumstances of the death was this natural or intentionalI will read of Kevin Wignall s books and they are well written interesting and very enjoyable45 StarsThank You to NetGalley Publishing UK and Author Kevin Wignall for my advanced copy to read and review ThoseWhoDisappeared NetGalley

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Those Who Disappeared Free download à 109 H other and why are they so reluctant to discuss the day his father disappeared Who are they trying to protectIf he wants to uncover what really happened Foster must follow the trail of secrets and lies no matter how devastating the conseuences and what they might reveal about his father Because the truth can only stay buried for so lon. ThoseWhoDisappeared NetGalleyThanks NetGalley Publishing UK Kevin Wignall for an ARC to reviewWhen a man s body was discovered in a glacier after thirty years Foster Treherne his son the famous artist found his lost father He begins a journey investigating the 30 years old puzzle and if it wasn t just an accidentI loved the writing style the characters and the book s setting